Al Nigrin's subconscious wonderland film Dream Screen
New Jersey Stage, February 2024

Albert Nigrin, man with a movie projector
Star Ledger/, May 2010

Movies made by women... at the New Jersey Film Festival
Asbury Park Press/, January 2024

NJ Film Festival multimedia show with guitarist Tim Motzer, September 13, 2023

Interview with New Jersey International Film Festival Director Albert G. Nigrin, September 2017

A User-Friendly Film Festival
New York Times, May, 2010

Movies That Don't Make The Multiplex
The New York Times, January 1993

Poems on Film: Albert Nigrin Spreads the Experimental Word
Pittsburgh City Paper, October 1999

Experiments Success for Nigrin
The Sunday Courier-News, September 1998

Underground Interview (Part 1)
The Underground, Issue #6 - Summer 1999

Underground Interview (Part 2)
The Underground, Issue #6 - Summer 1999

Style Over Content - 'The Furies' Haunt the Raritan
The Home News Tribune, 1998

Why I Love Cinema (by A.G.Nigrin)
The Salad Bowl, May 1999

The Mission
Time Off, May 1994

The Man Behind Rutgers' Bold Film Co-op
Asbury Park Press, April 1994

Real to Reel
The Home News, July 1995

Visual Arts Center Presents Screenings of Nigrin Films
The Star-Ledger, July 1993

Nutritional Cinema
Time Off, April 1997

Offbeat and Arty in the Land of the Multiplex
The New York Times, September 1995

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